Profile: Meaghan Bloom Fluitt

The true origins of Strangeway come out of a little student film called ‘Taste’. Taste was about a young man, played by Blain Pennington, who was struggling to figure out who he was. He had tried being a clown-for-kids, a body builder and finally had decided (due to previous failures) he was, in fact, a serial killer. His friend, played by Matt Stapleton, is understandably concerned.

Meaghan comes into the picture as a the victim, chosen for being too ‘nice’, and is tied up after being knocked out. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that Meagan’s character turns to table around on her captor and there’s a very happy, if not disgusting, ending.

While our little short never progressed as far as I wanted it to, it remains one of my favorites. This is especially attributed to my experiences with Meaghan Bloom Fluitt.

But Meaghan was the first actress I ever really directed. I invested time and energy to flesh out the character and really promote Meaghan making the role her own, which she did. There were mistakes on my part, of course, but these were necessary to understanding the better ways to communicate.

Since then, Meaghan has continued on the seemingly impossible mission of being a working actress in New York City, and she’s making a name for herself. Since I’ve been in LA I’ve seen poster ads where she’s become a sniper of some kind, holding an enormous gun that seems ready to violate some recent legislature. She’s also been working extensively with a comedy troop, and has been achieving roles on the stage with regularity.

The point of these Profiles by Strangeway is to promote good people, interesting people and most importantly people that are committed to scaling the mountain that is the film industry. Meaghan is doing that and I hope that Strangeway Productions gets to work with her again.

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